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Glas Gasser -
Tradition and Innovation

In 1968, Gerfried Gasser founded his glazing business in Radenthein, Kärnten. Glas Gasser quickly built a good reputation among private and commercial clients
Until today, high-quality brand products, perfect and timely execution and innovative design are central to our activities.

The Team - our base!

Our team ensures that glass can be combined in a stable and attractive way e.g. with wood, stone or metal, or that glass flexibly adjusts to your rooms, and your plans are implemented with technical perfection. Our long-term employees bring in the technical prerequisites as well as the intuition and motivation for this.

Glas Gasser - workmanship and passion!

My name is Herwig Gasser. In 2004, I took the business over from my father.

Before that, I attended the College for Glass in Kramsach / Tyrol and received a degree from the College of Design and Craftwork. Glass means a lot to me: it is clear and modern and keeps presenting new challenges to us.

I am personally at your disposal for consulting and putting your ideas into concrete terms. I am happy to inspect the work of my team at the specific location.

Herwig Gasser, Glas Gasser GmbH